Rotate° - Technical Lead

  • Lead the rebuild of Big Green Egg, moving their old site from Magento to a modern stack of Nuxt, VueJS, TailwindCSS, DatoCMS, Commerce Layer and NodeJS. Utilised Hookdeck to massively simplify API webhook processes, from order processing to sending transactional emails with Mailgun making the whole API platform a lot more stable.
  • Lead the rebuild of Big Green Egg’s Dealers (B2B) portal utilising B2BWave and expanding on it to add bespoke functionality and features that the client required. This made customer-service and user experiences a lot clearer and easier.
  • Lead the rebuild of Commerce Layer in Nuxt, VueJS, TailwindCSS, DatoCMS.
  • Lead the migration of Bamford's two UK and US Shopify stores to one Shopify store that handles multiple currencies - built with Shopify and Contentful’s headless APIs, Nuxt, VueJS, PostCSS. Massively simplified the front end and API increasing performance and stability.
  • Started and was the driving force of technical documentation for projects. Not only has this helped fellow developers, but Project Managers, Strategists, and Marketing, understand how certain features work, troubleshooting issues, and the architectural overview.
  • Conducted many interviews to hire mid-weight and senior developers.
  • Conducted many quarterly reviews for the developers in my team, reviewing their goals and discussing areas of improvements.

Rotate° - Senior Javascript Engineer

  • Contributed towards the Chilly's Bottles Series 2 website rebuild with Nuxt, VueJS, PostCSS, DatoCMS and Commerce Layer.
  • Mentored developers in feature development, code reviews and helping them approach problems from different angles.

Hex Digital - Full Stack Developer

I have worked with many clients including Whirli in which I originally helped build the original site, a VueJS and Laravel monolith. In addition, I led the re-build and transformation of the Whirli front end into a Nuxt Typescript Universal Web App and modernised their release process to CI and CD with CircleCI and Cypress. This included using Storybook to create a large library of accessible and reusable components, and introducing feature tests as well as unit and snapshot testing.

Other projects include:

  • Making Inko Nito and Zuma sites AA Accessible
  • Rebuilding the Tessian site with ReactJS
  • Building the Whirli blog using Wordpress as a headless CMS
  • Contributing to the static Nuxt site for Brewtopia, a beer cataloging and searching app.

I have worked very closely with designers, UX, PMs and other developers to deliver these products using Agile methodologies. My time at Hex has been fast paced and a brilliant challenge. It has given me a fantastic opportunity for learning new technologies and bettering my skills at mentoring and presenting.

The Economist - Front-End Engineer

I was at The Economist for 2 years using a number of new technologies, including ReactJS, NodeJS, GraphQL, Relay, Redux, Jest, Mocha, Chai and Enzyme.

During my time at The Economist I worked in cross-functional and Agile teams covering the development of The Economist’s new website. This included integrating and testing new features. One of the main projects I have been a part of involved iterating on customer feedback and data analytics to improve the subscriber’s experiences when they visit The Economist. This involved working very closely with UI and UX designers, data analysts and other developers further down in the stack.

I also worked on another project which involves integrating The Economist articles into Google AMP using server side rendering with ReactJS, AMP templates and NodeJS for a very fast and seamless experience for our users.

Background shapes


  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • VueJS
  • NuxtJS
  • HTML
  • NodeJS
  • CSS
  • SCSS
  • TailwindCSS
  • ReactJS
  • React Native
  • Jest
  • Enzyme
  • GraphQL
  • Storybook


  • Knitting

    My grandma inspired me to take up knitting during the first lockdown in 2020. My latest knitting projects can be found here!

  • Reading

    Favourite books include "The Institute" by Stephen King, and "Endurance: A Year in Space, A Lifetime of Discovery" by Scott Kelly.

  • Bouldering

    Trying to battle my fear of heights and build strength at the same time...

  • Skiing & Snowboarding

    Absolutely love skiing and snowboarding, just a shame I end up on the floor most of the time...

  • Music

    Have played piano since I was young and have taught myself guitar. I also occasionally dabble in making my own instrumental music!